Down Under Live – Moving to Australia & New Zealand

About us

Canada Live

We want to help you make the move to Canada.

Canada Live has been helping people to achieve their dreams of a new life and new job in Canada since 2009, and we want to welcome you to our family. It is now the only event run across the UK for emigrants to Canada.

Our portfolio

In addition to Canada Live, we also have a social network, Live Canada, as well as Facebook and Linked In groups and you can follow us on Twitter!!

Our events

Every year, tens of thousands visit our Down Under Live and Canada Live events across the UK, excited by the prospect of a new life abroad, and drawn by our unique marketing campaigns and market leading seminar programmes.

Our company

Evolve Digital Publishing is a small company that punches above its weight. Competing with multi national companies and large (albeit debt ridden) PLC’s, we produce the UK’s leading range of media and events for emigrants and skilled jobseekers looking for a new life abroad.

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